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Humanistic mosaic

A humanistic approach centres around the belief that as human beings, whilst unique, we are connected through our experiences and the responses we have to those experiences. We have common threads that are a part of the human condition; we understand pain, and we understand joy, because it is a part of being alive.

Life is an unstoppable process; a series of experiences that we move through. Some things we can control, some things we cannot, and life teaches us the difference.

Since ups and downs are an inevitable part of living, the challenge is to find a way to be present for the peaks, and to find a way to fall well. Regardless of where we find ourselves, we can participate in our humanness.


While all humans have a common thread, each person’s experience is uniquely theirs. What works for one person, does not necessarily work for another. It is important that therapy is shaped around the person receiving it.

Each person has an inbuilt wisdom, or knowledge; a guiding process that tell them what they need next. It is a part of the innate healing mechanism that can be witnessed in the physical body when injured; a drive to wholeness, to completeness, to wellbeing. Often we lose touch with that guidance principle and find ourselves rudderless. It is unreasonable to imaginethat one person can know exactly what another person needs. 

Person-centred counselling aims to help a person reconnect with their guidance so they can move through the issues of their life according to their own needs.


Our society by nature, tends to fragment us. This means we identify strongly with some aspects of ourselves, but not others. For example, in our society the capacities of our intellect are used to analyse and solve problems at school, work and to get through a day. Our mental capacities are useful, but they are not all that we are, and can be used at the expense or our physical bodies, emotions, our creativity, or spiritual life, which are also important guiding principles.

A holistic approach looks at bringing in all parts of ourselves; our physicality, our emotional selves, our mental faculties, and our spirituality; those parts liked and disliked, those parts conscious and unconscious. It sees all of the parts of us as having value and importance in our lives. Living with only a part of ourselves, is as helpful as making an important decision with only half of the facts. It is often the parts we are not living consciously with, that can wreak the most havoc in our lives.


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