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Ba. App. Sc. (Speech Pathology) - Adv. Dip. Holistic Counselling - Member CAPA & SPAA

Clarity - Communication - Connection

Expressive Therapies

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Children's Counselling

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Life Issues

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Shivawn Davis - counsellor & speech pathologistblustones

Welcome to the the web site of Shivawn Davis, Counsellor and Speech Pathologist.

Based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensalnd, Australia, Shivawn possesses a unique blend of professional skills enabling her to offer tailored counselling and therapy services.

Shivawn is available, by appointment, to discuss your particular circumstances.

Counselling Services

Shivawn specialises in helping clients deal with Life Issues particular to their circumstances.

Life is an unstoppable process; a series of experience we move through. Some things we can control, some things we cannot, and life teaches us the difference. Since ups and downs are an inevitable part of living, the challenge is to find a way to be present for the peaks, and to find a way to fall well. Regardless of where we find ourselves, we can participate in our humanness.

With this in mind Shivawn is able to offer a compassionate but outcome-based service with emphasis on the following areas:

Speech pathology services


Shivawn’s unique blend of Speech Pathology and Counselling, enables her to work at the macro level of communication. She is more concerned with what is breaking down at a deeper level that hinders a person in their relationships with others in their life.

Shivawn offers  support for the following types of communication issues:

  • Communicating efficiently; listening skills, assertiveness skills
  • Relationships skills; parent-child, partnerships, peer/friendships
  • Identifying and communicating our own feelings and needs
  • Reading the feelings and needs of others; working with empathy
  • Creating an environment for optimal communication
  • Using visuals (augmentative and alternative communication) and social stories
  • Pragmatic skills; eye contact, body space, tone, conversational rules
  • Social skills; reading social situations, conversational skills, initiating and maintaining friendships More

Contact Shivawn Davis


PH: 0409 076 096

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Emergency Numbers

If you are in crisis and need immediate assistance then the numbers below may help:

Emergency Numbers
Lifeline  13 11 14
Salvo Care Line 1300 363 622

DOCS Helpline 13 2111
Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800

Domestic Violence Line (White Ribbon) 1800 737 732

Rape Crisis Centre 1800 424 017

Shivawn Davis -

Shivawn has acquired a diverse yet focused set of professional skills and accumulated experiences since obtaining her BA in Applied Science (Speech Pathology) in 1991.

Through her face to face contact with clients facing challenges with communications and disabilities, it became evident to Shivawn that a more embracing approach was required to address often deep rooted issues.

By combining a grounded counselling (Ad. Dip. of Holistic Counselling) approach with her academic and frontline experience, Shivawn works with her select group of clients to achieve resolution of their particular issues in a holistic manner . More